Nobody said keeping the rain out would be easy! Roofs take a beating, and they don’t last forever. If you need a roofing replacement in Ocean View, Delaware, call us today.

Put a fresh face on your home! Hire our Ocean View, Delaware team to pressure wash or replace your residential siding. We can also install siding on new home construction.

Is your view of the neighborhood clouded by outdated windows? Improve your outlook – and save money on your monthly energy bill – by upgrading the windows at your Ocean View home. We are experts in window installation and repair!

What Can Hershey Exteriors Do for You?

Hire us for your residential roofing in Ocean View, DE and Sussex County

The owner and operator of Hershey Exteriors has delivered 12 years of superior home improvement while spending the last 2 years working for homeowners in the Ocean View, Delaware area. Knowledgeable in a wide variety of projects, our team is guaranteed to exceed your expectations. We’re available for work on roofs, siding, windows, gutters and more. We can even paint your house! Contact us today at 302-278-2004 to schedule a consultation about any of our services!

Install new siding on your Delaware home

Siding is more than just a superficial feature. If your home’s siding is cracked or broken, moisture and insects have access to your home’s wooden structure.

Protect your home from termites and rot! Hire Hershey Exteriors to replace your outdated siding in Ocean View, Delaware. Call us today at 302-278-2004 to schedule an estimate for new windows in Ocean View, DE!

Contact us today for your free estimate!

Why choose new windows?

Replacing your windows is one of the smartest things you can do for your home’s value. New windows from Hershey Exteriors will:

  • Lower your energy bill
  • Improve your property’s look
  • Secure your home against burglary